Apartments vs London Hotels

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Apartments vs London Hotels

When you plan your holidays or a business trip to London, you may automatically think of looking for a hotel accommodation for your stay. There are numerous hotels all around the city and so many different packages offered today that hotels might seem the best choice. Though there are other lodging options you might wish to explore.

Serviced apartments, for instance, offer many modern amenities and facilities that the majority of hotels do not. Serviced apartments usually provide you with fully equipped kitchens with self-catering facilities, single or double bedrooms, lounge area with pullout beds or single beds and modern bathrooms with baths or showers. You can find serviced apartments in any part of London and will get the ultimate in privacy for your stay.


1 Bedroom Super Deluxe

Serviced apartments have many advantages compared to hotels. To start with, your suite in serviced apartments will always be more spacious than a typical hotel room. All suites in serviced apartments have bedroom, lounge and kitchen areas, which is very rare in hotels, and if available, then only in hotel suites, not standard rooms. Staying in serviced apartments allows you and your family stay together in the same apartment, providing private separate bedrooms for everybody’s comfort as well as a living room to enjoy your time together.

For any guests who require quarantine accommodation due to Covid-19 restrictions, serviced apartments are the perfect choice. Self contained apartments offer everything you need to isolate and limit exposure, and our housekeeping staff are operating with additional hygiene and cleanliness measures in place. Please contact us directly should you require grocery services during your stay.

Another significant difference between serviced apartments and hotels is that all serviced apartments have partly or fully equipped kitchens. This allows you to cook your own meals at your convenience and according to your preferences and traditions, as well as it allows you to save money on your groceries as you are able to buy them directly from supermarket. At the same time you are provided with a good size fridge, where you can store your food and drinks, whereas in the hotel rooms you would usually find only a mini bar, stocked with pretty expensive food and drinks.

As for the expenses of accommodation, serviced apartments are usually a better choice once again. As serviced apartments do not provide free breakfast and offer limited service, they are able to reduce their costs and offer guests better rates than most of hotels, and especially attractive rates are available for longer stays.

The last thing to be mentioned is the overall ambiance of serviced apartments versus hotels. Most of hotels are furnished by the same standard, lacking exclusivity and cosiness whilst serviced apartments can provide you accommodation in original, comfortable apartments creating an absolute “home away from home” feeling.